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Every quarter we publish a newsletter filled with support, hope and pertinent information regarding chapter events and news.

Receiving the quarterly newsletter is a great resource to help feel supported all quarter long outside of our monthly meetings.

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Receiving the newsletter electronically saves the chapter printing and mailing costs.

To opt in to receive our quarterly newsletter electronically, please sign-up.

Get It Mailed To You

If you do not have an email address or would rather receive a paper copy of the newsletter in the mail, you can elect to have it sent via snail-mail directly to your mailbox. Please email our database coordinator (membership@tcfncm.org) to make sure we have your correct name and mailing address on file.

Birthday and Anniversary Lists

Have your child, sibling and/or grandchild remembered.

Every newsletter has a birthday and anniversary section where we list members and who they are remembering that month for a birthday or anniversary. Being listed not only lets other chapter members know that you might need some extra support but just as important we get to see our child, sibling and/or grandchild's name in print and know they are not forgotten.

To have your name and loved one's name printed in the newsletter, you must make sure our database coordinator has:

  • Your name and current address in our database.

  • The name, birthdate and anniversary date of your child, sibling and/or grandchild.

NOTE: Every few years we send out a questionnaire requesting that you "renew" your newsletter subscription. If you do not respond to this questionnaire that you want to continue receiving the newsletter, you will stop receiving it and will no longer be listed in the birthday and anniversary section as well as the candlelight slideshow.

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