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Speaking About The Opioid Crisis - Part 2

Part 2 of 2 featuring a conversation with two parents who have lived the nightmare of Opioid abuse in their homes and discuss the loss of their children to addiction.

Parents Dennis Gravelle who lost son Jacob Joseph at age 33 and Michelle Dunn who lost daughter Alyssa Elizabeth at age 20 discuss their tragic journey with honesty, bravery, love and compassion for others who are traveling down the same pathway. Mary Lotze and Andrew Couture lead the sensitive and emotional conversation. Ironically we never got to discuss the political implications of why this topic is important to the Republican Party at this juncture: both President Donald Trump and Governor Charlie Baker have cited the opioid epidemic as one of the major issues requiring aggressive action. Both leaders have far different approaches to addressing the epidemic, but both are equally critical in eradicating opioid and other narcotic abuse.

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