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Design Your sign

One way to help fundraise for our local Walk To Remember is by purchasing a Walk To Remember Sign. All signs purchased will be spaced throughout the route for all to see.

You can submit a photo of your loved one (see sign example below) or as a corporate sponsor you can submit your company name and logo to be placed on an inspirational grief quote sign

Order Your Walk Sign

Order your walk sign by 6pm ET on Sunday, September 18, 2022. You'll be redirected to an external PayPal landing page for payment and if you have a photo or corporate logo to be printed on the sign it must be emailed separately to All proceeds from your order will go to directly supporting our mission and is tax deductible.

OPTION 1: Personalized Sign with Photo

Order Your Walk Sign

Fill out the form below, email your photo to and make your payment by Sunday, September 18, 2022. Please enter in N/A if the field does not apply.


Required Information:

Required for Option 1:

For Option 2 or 3:


OPTION 2: Corporate Sponsor w/ Company Logo


OPTION 3: Grief Quote Sponsor

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