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Make A Submission For Our Newsletter

We get support from each other and each one of us has our own unique grief journey and perspectives. Make a submission and help us help you.

The Compassionate Friends of North Central MA publishes our newsletters every three months (quarterly). We encourage you to submit information you feel would be helpful to everyone to our newsletter.

Newsletter Deadlines

If you'd like your submission in a specific quarter, please follow the dates below.
  • December 15 for the Feb/Mar/Apr publication

  • March 15 for the May/June/July publication

  • June 15 for the August/September/Oct publication

  • September 15 for the Nov/Dec/Jan publication

Create Relevant Content

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.

Relevant content can mean many things. You might submit a photo, story or poem your loved one actually wrote, took or is in. It could be a quote, image and/or article you found helpful in your grief journey.

Maybe you can find the words to talk about your specific grief journey that might help others walking the same path. Grief from suicide faces many different obstacles than a family who lost someone from a long-term illness, or substance abuse or the loss of an infant versus an adult, etc. Don't sell yourself short - if just one thing you say or share resonates with one other person struggling, you have given them an amazing gift.

How Do I Submit?

Please email our newsletter editor at newsletter@tcfncm.org or mail it to:

TCFNCM PO Box 2 Leominster, MA 01453

ATTN: Newsletter Editor

NOTE: If you are not submitting original con

tent you must include the crediting owner (photographer, author, etc.) for us to be able to legally publish it.

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